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Below is a list of merit badge counselors as of 6-1-99. We encourage scout leaders and parents to volunteer to be merit badge counselors in any of the merit badge areas having to do with your occupation or hobby interests. If you name isn't highlighted it means I don't know your e-mail adress so please e-mail your adress to me so scouts can get in touch with you easier.

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American Business- Phil Nelson, Joe Grazzini

Animal Science- Mary Lammers

Art- Kay Saladin, Loralu Meyer

Astronomy- Paul Martz

Auto Mechanics- Bob Metzger

Aviation- Steve Peterson, Joe Grazzini, Martin Cousin, Mike Bratlie

Backpacking- Steve Peterson, Kevin Miller

Bird Study- Chris Markham

Camping- Steve Peterson, Kevin Miller, Gerard Meyer, Paul Martz

Canoeing- Gerard Meyer, Paul Martz, Mike Bratlie the Community- Bob Meyer, Donna Martz the Nation- Donna Martz,Paul Sydness the World- Scott Passon, Loralu Meyer, Donna Martz

Coin Collecting- Bob Metzger

Collections- Paul Sydness

Communication- Judy Sydness

Computers- Scott Passon, Phil Nelson, Gerard Meyer, Paul Martz, Mike Dowd, Bob Metzger

Cooking- Mike Dowd, Steve Peterson

Crime Prevention- Mary Lammers

Cycling- Kevin Boulay

Dog Care- Mary Lammers

Electricity- Martin Cousin

Electronics- Martin Cousin

Emergency Preparedness- Mary Lammers

Environmental Science- Paul Sydness

Family Life- Bob Meyer

Finger Printing- Mary Lammers

Fire Safety- Paul Sydness

First Aid- Scott Passon

Fishing- Kevin Miller, Gerard Meyer

Gardening- Kevin Miller

Genealogy- Steve Peterson

Golf- Joe Grazzini

Hiking- Kevin Miller

Home Repairs- Paul Sydness, Bob Meyer

Indian Lore- Loralu Meyer, Paul Sydness

Insect Study- Chris Markham

Journalism- Bob Metzger

Law- Mary Lammers

Leatherwork- Kay Saladin

Mammal Study- Chris Markham

Music- Mike Bratlie

Personal Fitness- Bob Metzger

Personal Management- Bob Meyer

Pets- Mary Lammers

Photography- Mike Bratlie

Plant Science- Chris Markham

Reading- Donna Martz, Bob Metzger

Reptile and Amphibian- Chris Markham

Rifle Shooting- Rick Lund

Salesmanship- Bob Meyer

Scholarship- Donna Martz

Shotgun Shooting- Rick Lund

Skiing- Mike Bratlie

Space Exploration- Paul Martz

Surveying- Rick Lund

Swimming- Scott Passon

Waterskiing- Phil Nelson

Wood Carving- Kay Saladin, Paul Martz

Woodworking- Rick Lund