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This is the Webmaster's Page!

My name is John Sydness and I'm the webmaster for Troop 263. If you have a tip to submit on something that you learned on a campout or a good piece of equipment that made camping more comfortable. Please submit your ideas and we will give you credit for your tip.

Suggestions on how to make a Scout web page!

First, pick a server below to get your free webpage!

TRIPOD(my personal favorite)




or any other provider will do.

Some of the Web providers above have there own Webpage builder which is good too.

Second, I would get the scout troop to buy the latest edition of Adobe Pagemill or a similar web designer.

Third, you need some Scout Clipart and a background:

Check out my new CLIPART page

or search for it at

Fourth, Follow the instructions on your web designer-provider.

Extras, If you're not a member at tripod and want a counter, then goto

The tripod counter is above my E-mail clipart(click to see what it's like)
Put your scout site on the search enginesAdd Me!

Also a good idea is to get you site on a Webring: like on my homepage I'm on the Scouting and the Spider webring so scouts around the nation can find your site easier.

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to e-mail me below.

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