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Great Stuff for Scout Webpages

Scout Clipart

Check out my new CLIPART page

Tons of free clipart for boyscouts

or search for some at

Free Counters The counter I use on my Homepage)also has weekly e-mail on how many hits you had that week.

Scouting Spider

Web Counter



Search Engines

Put your scout site on the search engines for freeAdd Me!

Free Guestbooks

Guestbook by GuestWorld Free guestbook through Tripod.





Other Great Stuff

If your URL is super long and you hate typing it in all the time goto to make it a lot shorter. For example if your URL was, this makes it

Also a good idea is to get you site on a Webring: like on my homepage I'm on the Scouting and the Spider webring so scouts around the nation can find your site easier. Goto my Webring page to sign up for some webrings.

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to e-mail me below.

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